Why Travel Business Should Have A Website?

An internet presence is a necessity for every travel company today regardless of size. Do you use telephone and fax? Fine. A homepage is now just as natural.

Without an internet presence, your company may not be included in the selection when customers are looking for a potential travel agency.

Meanwhile, you can assume that your competitors are represented more or more frequently on the Internet.

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What advantages does a website offer to travel businesses?


Your own homepage is not only a prestige object but a nationwide flagship of your company.

A good website is at least a business card but often much more. Your homepage can be your bestseller.

Reach target group

Over 80% of internet users search and find products and services on the internet. Hardly any household or office today is not connected to the Internet. This means that large parts of your target group are certainly Internet users.

Convey information

Provide information about your services on your website on the Internet. They show what you stand for, where your expertise lies and what makes you different from others.

Gaining new customers

How do new customers find you? That’s right, it is about recommendations but also via the Internet.

The fact is an internet presence is a cost-effective way of making initial contact possible and reducing insecurities. Web designers can make website costs (website laten maken kosten) affordable for your business.

Availability guaranteed

Your own homepage can be reached around the clock, regardless of opening hours, every day and worldwide.

Advertise and provide comprehensive information

With the homepage, you advertise your services. You determine the impression, you determine the statements and the communication. They can transport significantly more information than is normally possible with ‘classic’ advertising media, if only for cost reasons.

On the Internet, you have the opportunity to comprehensively present and explain your services.


A well-maintained website is up-to-date. And customers call up the latest information in a matter of seconds.

Create customer loyalty

A homepage contributes to customer loyalty if information can be found quickly. Having a good website is simply more professional and state of the art.

The entry in industry catalogues is not enough

Of course, having your own website has a completely different effect than just having your address in some business catalogue.