Month: June 2022

Good packing is half the battle on a business trip. These packing tips will help ensure that the business trip is a success Business trip packing tip #1: Plan outfits Good suitcase packing is not based on gut feeling, but on the appointment calendar. The principle of “fingers crossed” on business trips can quickly mean […]

Clogged drains can be a major issue for businesses in the event that they are not handled well. They can cause a lot of damage to business trips and even lead to lost revenue. This article will discuss how clogged drains can impact business travel, the potential consequences of clogging, and ways to prevent it. […]

Everyday life during a business trip is stressful. There is not much time to think about sufficient exercise and a balanced diet. Unfortunately, as a business traveller, you don’t always live a healthy life. You’re always on the go, you spend a lot of time in taxis, trains or planes. Unluckily, healthy eating is neglected […]

Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses in their marketing initiatives particularly when it comes to expanding their presence and visibility online. This is something extremely important as most people are now connected to the online world, which means it is there where businesses can find more potential customers or clients. The photo-video sharing […]

After being destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the quick change to synchronous communication and virtual events, global business travel is battling its way back to business as usual. During the epidemic, businesses used tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as well as virtual business conferences, to connect their employees in a less time-consuming […]