Month: April 2022

Business trips by plane or train are part of everyday life. While the organization of the trip is often taken over by the employer, it is of course up to the employee to take care of their own luggage, especially packing their suitcases. It’s a bit like the Tetris game and can degenerate into pure […]

An internet presence is a necessity for every travel company today regardless of size. Do you use telephone and fax? Fine. A homepage is now just as natural. Without an internet presence, your company may not be included in the selection when customers are looking for a potential travel agency. Meanwhile, you can assume that […]

While it’s a common misconception that playing video games negatively affect productivity, new scientific researches reveal evidences that the opposite is true. Not many are aware that a curriculum known as Game Theory involves the study of mathematical models in Computer Science and Economics. The models depict the results of cooperation and conflict between decision […]

If you are planning for a stress-free vacation, knowing the best devices to bring on business travel and even on your trip is a big help. However, there are a few things you might not think of bringing with you. List of Essential Devices to Bring On a Business Trip Check on the following devices […]