Month: April 2021

Traveling nowadays is risky as the COVID-19 issue is still prevalent. The burst of the pandemic last 2020 greatly affects the travel industry. More and more flights have been canceled and travel bans from one country to another had been strictly implemented. But this does not necessarily mean that traveling is stopped all over the […]

As a result of the coronavirus, various governments are taking measures, such as an entry ban or restriction of freedom of movement. These measures also have an impact on business travel. In addition, the assistance on your business travel insurance is limited because emergency centers are now also unable to provide their usual services, partly […]

For many people, a business trip is necessary for their job or company. They work on location, attend a number of meetings, perhaps close some deals, stay at their hotel and quickly fly back home when their duties are done. For example, make a reservation at a good restaurant with good reviews, or plan a […]