Is It Still Possible to Travel Safely During Pandemic?

As a result of the coronavirus, various governments are taking measures, such as an entry ban or restriction of freedom of movement. These measures also have an impact on business travel. In addition, the assistance on your business travel insurance is limited because emergency centers are now also unable to provide their usual services, partly because people cannot be repatriated and hospitals are not available.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides security advice to other countries and employs a classification system. Despite the fact that visitors to other countries do not actually face significant health threats anywhere, the ministry warns against anything but required travel. This decision was made because so many countries have enforced travel bans or severely limited residents’ freedom of travel that it is preferable for people not to cross the border at all until the coast is secure again.

Duty of Care

As an employer, you are responsible for a safe working environment, also during a business trip. If you want to send an employee abroad, carefully assess whether a trip is really necessary and whether the correct measures can be taken. Also, take into account individual measures that can make a trip longer. Because governments can quickly take new measures, there is a risk that your employee will be stranded at a certain location.

Business travel insurance

Obviously, this pandemic also has a major impact on business travel insurance. Insurance is a contract based on an uncertain event. Now that the entire world is at least on code orange, events as a result of the coronavirus can no longer be labeled as uncertain events.

This, therefore, has direct consequences for the coverage. The time of booking the trip is an important factor in determining whether a claim related to the coronavirus is covered. If the traveler could reasonably have known – prior to booking a trip – that the final destination is located in a risk area, this is considered a ‘known event’ and there is no cover. Even if someone travels to an area where the coronavirus is prevalent, this is a ‘known event’. After all, the traveler has consciously taken the risk.

Necessary trip

It is always necessary to travel but you should think of your safety so you should always check the requirements needed for your business trips.  The most recent entry requirements can be found on official websites through the assistance of experts such as ‘web design agency Birmingham.’

Travel websites, for example, must have an overview of the countries that have imposed an entry ban. If a country has imposed an entry ban for travelers, this often applies to all countries.

When again?

Many companies are eagerly looking forward to being able to travel again and thus renew business contacts or perpetuate existing ones. We expect that travel restrictions will eventually become less strict. The extent to which the coronavirus is successfully combated will determine how long the restrictions will remain in force. Also, realize that in many countries with less government support, there has also been social unrest.