Month: July 2022

  What is it like to kiss your wife and child goodbye in times of terrorism and get on a plane to the Middle East? Says business traveler Stefaan: “I’m not afraid, but I do feel less free than I used to. My entire agenda must be approved in advance by four departments!” Stefaan works […]

The concept of product placement is nothing new. As early as the 1980s, companies placed their consumer goods in video games or TV commercials in order to draw as many pairs of eyes as possible to their product. Product placement was primarily used on television, in shows or blockbusters. In the age of the Internet, […]

When you plan to install a new fence or replace your existing ones, it is natural for you or anyone to try to save as much money as possible, which is why many do the DIY approach. While you can cut costs and save money DIY-ing, this isn’t always the case. Frequently, many wind up […]

Working and traveling frequently coexist for a lot of women. The following advice should be taken into account before packing your bag and leaving on your next business trip. As business expands, being constantly on the move and attending multiple business events becomes the norm. To make the most of the trip, keep in mind […]