Month: December 2022

The disruption in global tourism is finally over, putting an end to the continuing decline suffered since 2020, as lost revenues had amounted to $4.9 trillion. Now that suspension of travels by land, sea and air have been lifted, the pent-up desires to explore far off places have been rekindled. As observed by tourism and […]

Are you planning a vacation or holiday this year? You could visit dozens of places around the world. Visiting a foreign country is exciting because it immerses you in different cultures, cuisines, and people. Whether you are backpacking across Europe or exploring the cultural and historic Southeast Asia, navigating efficiently is essential when traveling; otherwise, […]

Travel influencers and enterprises in the tourism sector have increasingly strengthened their relationships, and proposals for partnership from both parties are now perfectly typical. Influencers contacting hotels and offering their services in exchange for complimentary lodging is not the case these days.    The marketing initiatives have produced results that have surpassed their expectations from […]