Month: October 2022

Business travel differs from other kinds of journeys because it is conducted for work or business matters, as compared to personal travel or commute daily between one’s workplace and home on a routine basis. A survey found that 88% of small business owners enjoy business travel.     Personal Assistant on the Road Personal assistants […]

Every homeowner reaches a point when he’ll need a roofing expert to carry out repairs at the earliest time possible to prevent roof issues from getting worse. Actually many roofing contractors offer free inspection after the occurrence of a devastating hurricane or hail storm. Yet homeowners should keep in mind that a free inspection is […]

What is on your mind as a parent when you hear the word “vacation“? a change of pace? letting go of the reins? Taking part in enjoyable activities (and food!) that you wouldn’t usually do? It denotes to a young child that “Mom and Dad are not at work and they are paying enough attention […]