Things to Know When Choosing a Roofing Contractor to Address Roof Problems

Every homeowner reaches a point when he’ll need a roofing expert to carry out repairs at the earliest time possible to prevent roof issues from getting worse. Actually many roofing contractors offer free inspection after the occurrence of a devastating hurricane or hail storm. Yet homeowners should keep in mind that a free inspection is not binding even if the contractor hands over a quotation for the recommended roofing job that needs to be accomplished.

Still, not all offers of free inspection are self-serving, which you can ascertain by first checking out reviews; or by getting feedback from friends and neighbors who have had previous dealings with the roofing contractor.

To be in a better position when checking out a roofing contractor, you should at least know the basic requirements that a roofing business must possess in order to obtain a license and permit to offer such services. Moreover, compare expertise by knowing the kind of roofing services that the contractor provides. The findings and recommendations might be limited to what the roofer is capable of and not on what is called for to repair the damages.

Let us say the roofer offers to repair leaks without mentioning that in order to repair the real cause, repairs must also be made on sidings, gutters and windows to fully address the roof leakage problem. This puts a homeowner at a disadvantage in thinking that he was able to close a low cost roof repair project. At the end of the day, the homeowner might even end up needing a roof replacement since the roofing structure has deteriorated badly.

What to Look for When Negotiating a Roofing Project

References as proof of experience and quality of work. If the company cannot provide a written reference, there’s no reason for a homeowner to continue discussing a roofing project.

The roofer checks out as a licensed contractor in one’s state or locality.

The roofing contractor must be able to show an existing general liability insurance and a workers’ compensation insurance.

The roofing company must be bonded to ensure that the work agreed upon will be completed to the best of the contractor’s ability. A performance bond gives the homeowner a form assurance that they can file a claim against the contractor in the event that the roofing project is abandoned.

Submit an estimate and details of the roofing jobs and services to be included.

Case Example of Free Inspection Report that Saved Homeowner from Costly Repairs

In Fort Worth, a roofing contractor provided free inspection to a homeowner who was in the process of selling his house, However, the real estate buyer provided a home inspection report that included findings about hidden roof damages. Fortunately, the owner of the company contradicted the findings by providing video clips of their inspection, showing that all aspects of the roof were in good condition. The homeowner was of course thankful they were saved from having to shell out roof repairs that would have cost $20k at the least.