The Impact of Social Media on the Travel Industry

Man at the airport


The use of social media as a promotional tool gives people more confidence and it has the result that people are more committed to a certain brand. After research on the Travelecademy website, it has become clear that people within the travel industry are hardly active on a social travel portal. Some organizations do something with the many sides of social media such as Hyves and Twitter, but outside of that, there is still little development in the field of social media marketing. That is where a social media service is crucial.

It is a real opportunity for tour operators and travel agencies to create a bond with the customers through social media. On these networks, the consumer can show his or her active involvement. People dare to give an opinion faster and so it becomes clear to the organization what they are satisfied with and what they would like to see differently.

This offers marketers in the field of product development the opportunity to get a new and refreshing view of a product. The ratings and reviews can lead to the company suddenly coming to new insight and thus taking a different course. In this way, the existing products can be further developed.

The Internet is a medium that has many possibilities. Nowadays, many people are active on the Internet. They spend most of their time maintaining their personal profile and their social contacts. In addition, comparison sites are also widely used in the travel industry. As a result, Web 2.0 is used for searching for information. It is customary to first look for travel experiences and reviews about a certain destination before choosing a holiday destination. There is then a conclusion of its own. The same goes for choosing accommodation. We first look at the reviews and the comments. Based on these outcomes, a decision for accommodation is often made.


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Social media certainly influence consumer behavior. Nowadays, they are less likely to go to the travel agency to ask for information. They look up the answers to any questions themselves at home via the internet. However, it is important that companies respond to these consumer desires. This is the age of convenience and everyone wants to be able to find as much as possible on the Internet. By doing social media marketing, companies can really bind the consumer to their brand.

For example, by offering a certain action to the followers of the Twitter page, success is guaranteed. If a company can afford it, it is definitely recommended! It creates publicity and that yields more bookings and customers over time! Of course, this form of social media marketing does need its time. It will first have to integrate into the marketing policy and then it will have to create awareness among the target group. If these stages are met, there will be more and more conversions to this form of marketing.

Everything seems clear to me because what more could an organization want? And that by just creating a social network profile and making some extra effort to bind the real customers to you! It creates more customer trust for your organization and they also like to be involved in current events and any actions within your company via social media. This creates trust among the target group and increases the brand experience.