Make Your Business Trip More Fun!

For many people, a business trip is necessary for their job or company. They work on location, attend a number of meetings, perhaps close some deals, stay at their hotel and quickly fly back home when their duties are done. For example, make a reservation at a good restaurant with good reviews, or plan a fun activity for yourself such as a bike or boat tour. Then you have something to look forward to! You can get much more out of a business trip than just completing the work, in fact, you can make a business trip much more fun with the tips below!

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Make sure your work is well prepared
Good preparation is half the job. Make sure that you already do the most important preparations in the Netherlands and that you do not have to meet big deadlines when you arrive there.

Work with a todo list
Make sure you work with a to-do list. In this way, you can order tasks according to priority and you can work in a structured way. Only place points on your to-do list that are really important at that moment, the rest will come back home.

Add some extra days to your trip
Staying a little longer at a destination always ensures more peace and quiet. So don’t plan your business trip too tightly, but also plan some days for yourself. Enjoy the beautiful country, the cultures, and the environment on location. Research has shown that you are more productive and can close better deals when you relax on your business trip.

No work email and no phone calls
It is possible to work at any location and you can read and answer your e-mails all day long. But you have limited access to the air. Many airlines now offer WIFI on their planes, but mobile coverage is still very difficult. Do not worry about it yourself and just enjoy this moment and the journey. Enjoy a book, a movie, a drink, and your flight, so you arrive relaxed at your destination.

Take the time to travel
Business travelers often opt for a tight schedule. You can just catch your plane, have to take a taxi to your first appointment at your destination and you actually increase the pressure considerably. Next time, just take the time to travel. For example, leave a day earlier and arrive rested for your first appointment.

Go for a workout
Every person benefits from sports, also on a business trip. Empty your head completely during a nice sports session. For example, go for a run in the city (this way you immediately discover the city in a different way) or opt for an hour of exercise in the fitness room or the swimming pool of the hotel. Many hotels also have a sauna or have the option to book a massage. Just do it! Enjoy and relax, this ultimately ensures the best business results.

Create the home feeling
Feeling at home on location is very important. Therefore, when you arrive at the hotel, take the time to unpack your bags and possibly put some personal items in your hotel room. Create the feeling that you are at home in your hotel room.

Involve the home front in your journey
A business trip always causes a loss, your husband, your wife, your children, or other people who are dear to you. It is important to involve the people who are important to you in your business trip. Take some time every day to call or Skype them.

Make it a pleasant break
Change your mindset, that’s where it starts. Do not go away with the idea that you have to work alone and can stay overnight, but go away with the idea that you are temporarily staying at a different location and that you should and should make your life just as pleasant. So don’t just plan work, but also plan free time right away!

Meet famous people
This tip is probably not applicable everywhere and certainly not for everyone. But if you know people in the area, this is a good time to visit them again. Maybe it’s that old friend who emigrated? The people from your last vacation or that old classmate. It doesn’t matter who you visit, just mingle with people.