Time and Events have Changed the General Perception about Video Gaming

While it’s a common misconception that playing video games negatively affect productivity, new scientific researches reveal evidences that the opposite is true. Not many are aware that a curriculum known as Game Theory involves the study of mathematical models in Computer Science and Economics. The models depict the results of cooperation and conflict between decision makers in relation to the options they choose on a day-to-day basis.

Aside from decision making, Game Theory also applies strategies and divulges solutions to unexpected errors and mishaps. Here, the playing styles and techniques matter as the results depend on how an individual plays the game and their.

Significance of Gaming as Part of Work Environment

Changes that took place during the pandemic made working at home a new norm in many businesses, which allowed employees to balance work and personal life at a time when it was most important to do so. Contrary to what many employers perceive, life was harder because the line between life and work became vague and often times strained, Many found it important to allot time to do something outside of their work just to keep themselves motivated amidst the daily drudgery.

Some took to spending their free time playing video games. Rather than experience counterproductivity, the time spent gaming prevented them from feeling burned out. The gaming engagement served as a time to relax, which at the end of the day improved their eagerness and energy towards getting back to work.

While many contend that these views are not backed by scientific researches, a recent study published in the journal of the Royal Society Open Science supports the theory that relaxation by way of gaming is positively associated with wellbeing and a healthy mental health. It follows that with wellbeing and good mental health, productivity is attained.

Applying Gaming Habits to Become More Adept and Skilled at Work

Video games can also develop skills that are immensely helpful in building and managing a business, specifically knowing how to fail and rebuild through perseverance relentless efforts.

Encouraging employees of the company to assume a video game habit will help make them perform better at their jobs. The fundamental skills learned from playing video games can help in various ways.

Aside from business skills, one can learn coordination or teamwork while working with multiple people. Participating in games like World of Warcraft can enhance skills in relation to information dissemination, efficient communication, collaboration, and instilling team loyalty. It teaches the importance of focusing on a specific goal to achieve as a team, while keeping the group cohesive by not letting members get sidetracked by personal goals.

Video Games are Not for Everyone

It is notable that even though video games are beneficial and relaxing, they aren’t for everybody. Some people can find games exhausting instead of relaxing. Apparently the pressure that video gaming puts on the user are not as welcoming as they are for those who love to have a good challenge to would keep their juices and adrenalin flowing.

While most of the views we shared here come from healthy exchanges of ideas, the sharing of thoughts and ideas without prejudice on who voices them is one of the best tools in finding out what works and what doesn’t

While it’s true that some gaming communities can be toxic because many want to be identified as an elite group of gamers. However, the conversations can only be appreciated by those who have higher levels of gaming experience as they are the only ones who have reached certain stages.

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