Rare Nintendo Game Boy Accessory Made for Productivity

Game Boy


A rare, unreleased WorkBoy attachment for the Nintendo GameBoy has surfaced after 28 decades. This extension adds, among other activities, a schedule, address, and calculator book to the handheld, that has become over 30 yrs of age.

The WorkBoy was tracked down by video match historian Liam Robertson, who’d managed to monitor the inventor of the accessory. On YouTube station DidYouKnowGaming? He says only two prototypes of this GameBoy corporate expansion exist. One has been considered”deeply in Nintendo’s vaults,” and one other has been possessed by Frank Ballouz, producer of this attachment that was lost.

But, Ballouz failed to need a GameBoy himself to utilize the gadget. Because of this, the producer sent the product to Robertson, expecting to find these devices working. Once there, it was the attachment that needed a cartridge, however, Ballouz failed to possess you. As a result of a largescale gigaleak that happened at Nintendo earlier this season, Robertson managed to acquire a ROM of their WorkBoy program 2-3 weeks after receiving the attachment. That said, he’s the apparatus talking. Speaking of ROMs, check out the best Pokemon ROM hacks you can find today.


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The WorkBoy carries a qwerty keyboard using a Game Link cable. Together with the corresponding cartridge, the attachment adds a few business purposes, including a calendar, calendar, and address book. Some more complex functions, for example, text translation to distinct languages ​​and currency conversion, were supported by turning the Game Boy into some form of PDA.

Nintendo enrolled the WorkBoy brand name in early 1992, and also the attachment has been shown in CES that same calendar year. The WorkBoy was to be published in December 1992 at a live event of the UK tv series GamesMaster. As stated by founder Eddie Gill, the apparatus would have a suggested retail price tag of $80 or $90.

Fundamentally, the hardware wasn’t published; The GamesMaster incident lasted, nevertheless, the WorkBoy was nowhere available, and ever since that time, until the weekend, maybe perhaps not really just a word was said in regards to the attachment.