Inhalers and Portable Nebulizer for the Traveling Businessman

The life of a businessman is very busy and it usually involves travel from one place to the other especially if the business has expanded to branches in several places. This raises the question, how does an asthmatic businessman make it through the day without allowing asthma to cripple his day?

The answer is quite obvious. With advancements in technology, there are already available inhalers and portable nebulizers that any person with asthma can have handy.

What are inhalers?

There are several devices available for inhaling asthma medication. They are to be used in different ways. Which device is best for you depends on many circumstances. This includes your skill and your preferences. Whether a child or an adult uses the device also plays a role.

The following devices can be considered:

Dosier-Aerosol (Spray). In the case of a metered aerosol, the asthma medication is sprayed. It reaches the lungs in many tiny droplets or particles. Shake the asthma spray vigorously before inhaling. Then breathe out deeply, take the mouthpiece between your lips and hold it tightly.

As a rule, you trigger the spray (“stroke”) by hand. The inhalation must be precisely coordinated with the spray: you should press and inhale deeply at the same time. It is important to breathe in slowly. Otherwise, active ingredient particles get stuck in the mouth and throat and do not reach the lungs. Then take the device out of your mouth and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Otherwise, you may breathe out the drug particles again and they will not be deposited in the lungs. Then exhale slowly through your lips, which are almost closed.

Powder inhaler. These devices come in several forms. They contain a powder. It is important to exhale before inhaling. Be careful not to breathe into the device. Otherwise, the powder will clump together. Unlike sprays, you don’t have to press and inhale at the same time. However, when you breathe in you need a lot more strength: you should breathe in hard and quickly. Only then do the powder particles change in such a way that they reach the lungs. Then take the device out of your mouth and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Then breathe out slowly through your lips, which are almost closed.

What are electric nebulizers?

A nebulizer is an electric inhaler device. To inhale, use a mouthpiece. You should first breathe in the mist slowly and deeply. Then you breathe out into the mouthpiece or mask. Inhaling takes longer than with other devices. Then the device parts must be cleaned and dried so that no germs accumulate. Also, most nebulizers are too big to be used on the go.

What are portable nebulizers?

Portable nebulizers, as the name suggests, are nebulizers designed to be more compact so that you can take them with you without worrying about the size and the weight. These days, there are handheld nebulizers that are more portable. These devices can fit a bag so that they can be readily available for the patient.

Which works best for the busy businessman?

For years, many businessmen rely on Dosier-Aerosol (Spray) inhalers because of their convenience, easy-to-carry, easy-to-inhale characteristics. But with the introduction of portable nebulizers, businessmen who travel a lot and with severe asthma conditions prefer to bring with them portable nebulizers. This is more practical and more life-saving. It saves him the trouble of traveling to the nearest hospital for a dose of an electric nebulizer.