Packing: Luggage Tips For Business Trips

Business trips by plane or train are part of everyday life. While the organization of the trip is often taken over by the employer, it is of course up to the employee to take care of their own luggage, especially packing their suitcases. It’s a bit like the Tetris game and can degenerate into pure stress. The most important things have to go with you, but if possible everything else is in your hand luggage. In addition, in the back of my mind is the fear of having forgotten something essential. With the right tips and packaging specialists, packing your suitcase is not difficult at all.

packaging specialists

Packaging specialists: Pack your suitcase correctly

Choose the right suitcase

How long is the voyage? Do you need more business attire or is the casual look enough? These questions help to find the right size for the suitcase or trolley. If you only travel for the weekend, a small sports bag might be enough. If you are on the road longer, you may need a suitcase. Depending on which region you are going to, it can make sense to limit yourself to only taking hand luggage with you on the plane. In some travel destinations, suitcases get lost faster than elsewhere. In general, you should always take a change of clothes in your hand luggage just to be on the safe side.

Check the weather

Of course, no weather forecast is 100% accurate. However, having a rough idea of ​​the weather will help you decide what clothes to pack. If you have to stick to a given dress code, that will of course be difficult. But here, too, the forward-looking selection of sweaters or coats can make packing easier.

Sort everything outside the suitcase

First, gather everything on your packing list and place it around your suitcase. When it comes to clothing, it is best to focus on neutral colours such as black, white, grey and subtle prints. The simpler your clothes are, the more options you have for combining the pieces. That saves space. With the fabrics, you should make sure that they are as wrinkle-free as possible. With just eight pieces of clothing that go well together, you can combine 24 different outfits. A few neutral accessories take up little space and can also be safely packed away. If you need multiple pairs of shoes, carry the heaviest pair on the day of travel. Pack the other shoes in the suitcase.