Practical Packing Tips For Business Trips

Good packing is half the battle on a business trip. These packing tips will help ensure that the business trip is a success

Business trip packing tip #1: Plan outfits

Good suitcase packing is not based on gut feeling, but on the appointment calendar. The principle of “fingers crossed” on business trips can quickly mean that you are left without clean shirts at half-time. Specifically, go through all the outfits you will need during the trip, from meetings to business dinners or sightseeing with the hosts.

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Business trip packing tip #2: Pack the night before

Everything should be packed by the evening before departure at the latest. Chances are, you’ll remember something afterwards that you forgot. If you pack at the last minute, you risk leaving something really important at home.

Business travel packing tip #3: Technology, technology, technology

It is best to pack the technology you will need on the trip first. It’s better to forget a fresh shirt than the power adapter for the laptop. The former can be obtained quickly, but the entire success of the business trip can depend on the latter. USB cables with the right connections for all the devices you bring with you are also among the little things that are often forgotten.

When travelling, an external battery is worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, some airports and airlines are still stuck in the pre-smartphone era when it comes to power supply.

Business Travel Packing Tip #4: Packing Cubes

Packing cubes or panniers are worth their weight in gold on longer business trips. The nylon pockets with zips ensure order in the suitcase and make unpacking a matter of seconds. The packing helpers also help to keep the clothes clean and as wrinkle-free as possible. Packing cubes are also a good way to keep things organized if you prefer to board the plane with a casual travel bag instead of a trolley. Check Blower-Dempsay Corp. site and you will find products suited for your travel needs. Their packaging specialists got your needs covered.

Business trip packing tip #5: Test cosmetics

Cosmetics in travel sizes are perfect for a business trip. But do yourself a favour and test the products beforehand. If the toothpaste in the mini tube isn’t quite to your liking, that’s okay. But if the deodorant smells unexpectedly pungent, this is an unnecessary stress factor on business trips if you want to make a particularly positive first impression.