How To Keep Fit On A Business Trip

Everyday life during a business trip is stressful. There is not much time to think about sufficient exercise and a balanced diet.

Unfortunately, as a business traveller, you don’t always live a healthy life. You’re always on the go, you spend a lot of time in taxis, trains or planes. Unluckily, healthy eating is neglected on these days. In the evening after a stressful day, there is little time to relax. Dinner with the business partners is still pending or you devote yourself to the presentation that will be gone through in the meeting the next day.


Motivated business travellers who do a lot of sports have a number of options

  • Fitness room in the hotel
  • After workout in the (online) gym through your Campai sports club
  • Sight jogging through the city

However, if your time is very limited, your small hotel room is perfectly adequate for some exercise.

Already ensure sufficient relaxation when booking your hotel

What sounds obvious is not taken into account by some business travellers. When booking a hotel, you should pay a lot of attention to the hotel facilities in addition to your fixed budget. Here you can make sure whether the selected hotel has a fitness room or even an indoor swimming pool. Wellness areas that you could use in the evening to better switch off from everyday life should also be considered when booking.  Choose hotels with a sauna, steam bath, thermal bath, whirlpool and similar for relaxation.

A Campai sports club workout on a business trip is doable

By preparing your business trip in a targeted manner, especially when booking a hotel and packing your suitcase, you lay the foundation for an active and at the same time relaxed stay. If you use the time before and after your appointments sensibly, you can stay fit and relaxed with little effort.

Sports and effective exercises that you can carry out with your own body weight in the hotel room will help you in particular. A conscious relaxation phase in the evening will help you fall asleep and sleep through the night and gather energy for the next day. On the one hand, you can do something for yourself. And on the other hand, you have more energy available for your work.