New Business Travel Rules in Canada

Many travel restrictions in Canada will tend to move in a relaxed mode for people getting inside the country. However, several requirements remain in place, such as the requirement for the COVID-19 pre-arrival test, making coming home from abroad more difficult and costly.

In case you’re planning a trip soon, here are some things that you should know.

New Business Travel Restrictions in Canada

Take a look at these new rules and restrictions to let you be guided on your next business trip to Canada:

1-Rapid Antigen Test is already allowed

Rapid Antigen Test is a cheaper and more convenient way to detect the Covid-19 virus. People are allowed to take the test outside of Canada, and they can only utilize the one that has been approved for travelers.

2-Petition for dropping off the pre-arrival testing

There was a news conference attended by several border-town mayors on each side of the Canada and US border. The objective is to call for a petition to terminate the pre-arrival testing of travelers who are fully vaccinated around the land border.

3-What to do next if tested positive for Covid-19?

Travelers who resulted positive with the Covid-19 antigen test must have undergone some complications. A second test must be conducted for getting back home. In case, they wish to have another antigen test, it should be a negative result.