Accounts of Home Camping in Dordogne

After the confinements, a new style of camping exploded, the home camping en Dordogne (home camping in Dordogne). Frédéric Chanier opened his farm in Dordogne to tents and caravans, a way to rediscover his domain.

Frédéric Chanier’s farm in Dordogne

Fifteen hectares of almost unspoiled nature is what attracts campers to Frédéric Chanier’s farm. In the south of Périgord between Issigeac and Eymet, tourists from all over France arrive to pitch their tents or park their caravans. They do home camping. a practice that exploded after the confinements. Most are camping regulars. This is the case of Dominique who arrives from Vendée. This year, she wanted to move away from traditional places to camp: “Here we are really quiet in the middle of nature. We cut everything! We cut the radio, the TV, the telephone. It’s very relaxing.”

All campers have found Frédéric Chanier’s farm on the internet at a website for camping. It connects individuals and vacationers. Here, the night costs 8 euros, regardless of location. When the tourists arrive, Frédéric welcomes them with canelés, a production from the farm. A warm welcome seduced Laetitia and her family. “They were very good, we’re going to have some more this morning.” The stream that crosses the farm is very popular with his son Kellyann: “When we eat, we hear the sounds of the river and the fish.”

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“We rediscovered our farm”

For Frédéric Chanier, welcoming all these campers is above all a human enrichment. “Thanks to them, we rediscovered our farm. Sometimes they choose to place themselves in places we wouldn’t even have imagined. They tell us that it’s perfect and magnificent!” This fresh look at his farm allowed Frédéric to observe his property with more wonder. “We have almost two kilometers of the river just for us, a forest… It’s true that we live in a privileged place, but we didn’t realize it anymore.”

Thanks to camping at home, Frédéric was able to meet new people. Some have even become friends. This is the case with Xavier and his partner. Leaving the farm, they did not hesitate to invite Frédéric to their home in Alsace. “Otherwise we will come back here for a second summer!”, says Xavier.

With the success of this summer, Frédéric hopes that camping at home will not be just a fad.