What Makes Breckenridge the Most Popular Mountain Resort in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

colorado frisco breckenridgeVacationers looking to experience the exciting outdoor recreations offered by Breckenridge mountain are advised to take the Breckenridge airport shuttle services for practical reasons. While many consider renting a car to drive up the mountain, as the start of an exciting trip, the better and more convenient travel option is to take an airport shuttle. It’s about an hour and a half ride from Denver City, but takes about two hours if coming from the Denver International Airport (DIA).

Once visitors are in Breckenridge mountain, they’ll find out that there’s little need for a private car. Apparently, the important mountain spots to visit and the Historic Main Street attractions are all within walking distance of the town’s lodging facilities.

Besides, Breckenridge deploys buses every 20 minutes or so, offering free transport services to go to places around the town. Now if a traveller’s or visitor’s destination is not accessed by the town’s free shuttle buses, they can always ask their Breckenridge lodging host to provide them with transport services. Guests can arrange for the drop off and pick up points in any place they wish to visit in the mountain town.

In case a visitor wants to go to a neighboring Rocky Mountain town, one can always hail a taxi or arrange a ride with a local Uber or Lyft driver,

Breckenridge is a vibrant mountain town throbbing with lots of energy while nestled in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Aside from the world famous winter resorts in Breckenridge’s background, the town is also full of cultural and historical spaces and places that enlighten visitors of the time when the original settlers rushed to the mountains — all eager to take part in the Gold Rush Boom of the 1800s.

Why Vacationers Choose Breckenridge as Their Go-To Mountain Resort

Breckenridge Mountain Resort Vacationers from all over the world will  learn that during the summer, Breckenridge has a mild 70-degree temperature that makes the mountain trails ideal for biking and hiking. This is one of the reasons why most adventure lovers decide to stay longer or go back after enjoying world-class skiing and snowboarding bouts.

An idyllic mountain town with an elevation that is higher than other Colorado winter resort destinations, Breckenridge can entice visitors to stay and bask in its summer time art and culture festivities and activities. Still, visitors are advised to book reservations for any activities they plan to take part in, to ensure they get to reserve their spots especially if activities easily sell out.