Business Trips for Spartan Composites Jobs

At first glance, business trips are associated with greater effort. This includes travel planning, organization with the family and long working days with many meetings. But employees in specialist and management positions do not see this as a problem. More than every second respondent perceives business trips as a clear advantage of their job. 39 percent even expect higher sales as a result.

These are the results of the current survey “Chefsache Business Travel 2019”.

Business trips provide variety in everyday spartan composites work

54 percent of business travelers state that business trips to customers or business partners make their spartan composites job attractive. The joy of professional travel is steadily increasing. In the previous year the value was 45 percent and two years ago it was only 26 percent. For a further 43 percent, business trips are not that important, but they still appreciate the change from everyday work. This shows that the higher the position, the more popular business trips are. Specialists and executives see business trips as a welcome change. Managing directors and board members even see external appointments as a particularly attractive aspect of their job.

Longer spartan composites business trips popular

One surprise of the survey is that long trips are not a necessary evil. Travellers value this. 71 percent of those surveyed prefer extended business trips. Here, too, the attractiveness increases. In the previous year, only 58 percent preferred to be on the road longer that’s 13 percentage points less. Women are particular advocates of multi-day business trips, 77 percent of them prefer one-day trips, especially for sustainability reasons.

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More spartan composites sales through business travel

Almost four in ten business travelers state that they are more productive on the go than in the office. Far away from work, business travellers are less distracted by calls and colleagues. But that’s not the only reason for being more productive. Four in ten respondents also believe that face-to-face meetings are an opportunity to be more successful. On average, they are assuming an increase in sales of 23 percent.

What burdens business travellers, according to the study, is not the trip itself, but problems with getting there, poor organization or unforeseen incidents.

High travel costs can also be problematic.