Why there is a Decrease in Business Travel?

As travel restrictions around the world continued to limit business opportunities, employers were forced to find other ways of doing business. As technology improved and video conferencing became more common, it became common practice for people to stay connected with colleagues and contacts through video calls rather than face-to-face meetings.

It’s been a long time now, but what will happen when these restrictions lessen or cease? Will we see an increase in the number of employees travelling abroad for work? Will these people start putting in tens of thousands of air miles each year?

Why Business Travel Reduced?

Below are some reasons why many employers will cut back on their international travel and focus more on doing business beyond borders.

1-Travel Costs and Expenses

It’s an expensive way to do business. Delegations that travel to international conferences can quickly burn a hole in budgets and margins.

2-Safety of the Employees

Covid-19 is still a risk to travel. Employers should be wary and make sure employees are fit enough to be on the road. Don’t take any risks with an employee’s health and safety.

3-Risks of Business

As we’ve seen recently with the emergence of the Omicron variant, travel risks can change overnight. One minute you might be safe to take a trip, but the next moment it could be canceled or put on a list of no-fly zones. This can have huge financial costs and it also makes it harder for employees to do their jobs.