Why Luck Has Nothing to do with the Success of Your Business

It is a disrespect to others who are considering becoming entrepreneurs to say that you are merely “fortunate.” because your numerology at mindfulnessandjustice says to. If success is solely dependent on luck, small business owners will have no influence over their ultimate success, and “being unlucky” will serve as a justification for failing or never starting.

You are not fortunate to run a small business or be an entrepreneur for the following reasons:

The choice was yours.

You had to make the decision to depart from the standard and create your own business.

That choice was not safe, and just as you feared failure, you cannot dismiss success by attributing it to chance. It can inspire others to follow their own ideas if you own your choice and share it with them.

You were required to act.

Companies don’t scale on their own or materialize out of thin air in a magical way. You must take action every day to develop your business and make sure it is prepared for expansion.

The author of “Good to Great,” Jim Collins, frequently discusses luck in his speeches. Collins argues that all businesses experience an equal degree of luck, both good and negative. He claims that how successfully a business puts emphasis on it is what matters.

You Had to Go Into It Alone

In order to get people to support you or buy from you, you had to take the risk of telling them about your new business. Before you receive that initial “yes,” it takes weeks, months, or even years to refine your sales pitch.

You Had to Persevere

You had to hold upon your conviction in the face of obstacles. Don’t attribute your long nights, missed family time, worry about missing payroll, or late delivery of that large shipment to luck. Wouldn’t a lot of the journey be simpler if success depends on luck?

Before you tell others they are just lucky, consider your entrepreneurial journey and understand what it took to bring your firm to where it is now. Your company is a “overnight success several years in the making.”