Tips for sustainable business traveler

Small details in everyday business travel can help to improve your own ecological balance.

On a business trip with sustainable business fashion

Environmentally conscious behavior in everyday business travel begins with the choice of clothing. Sustainable fashion is produced in a socially responsible manner, consists largely of natural fibers and contains no chemical additives. How to download video from Youtube online regarding fashion can help you get more ideas regarding sustainable fashion.

Environmentally-friendly business bags for business trips

A high-quality and practical laptop bag is an important companion for every business traveler – it stows and protects the technical devices and looks stylish too. In the meantime, many providers have specialized in the so-called upcycling of certain fabrics in order to produce functional and at the same time visually appealing business bags. The process of upcycling helps to reduce waste on the one hand and on the other hand releases far less CO2 than the production of conventional leather products. The materials used in upcycling, such as bicycle tubes or even PET bottles, are not only robust, durable and waterproof, they also create good-looking business bags with a unique character.

Environmentally friendly food and drink on business trips

Business trips leave little time for extensive meals. The quick snack from the takeaway restaurant is tempting and the coffee in a paper cup with a plastic lid provides an extra boost of energy. Reusable cups as travel gadgets are an environmentally friendly alternative for quick coffee enjoyment. Of the different variants, stainless steel thermal mugs are the most environmentally friendly, because, in contrast to ceramics, stainless steel is unbreakable.

Stainless steel is harmless to health because, unlike plastic cups, it does not contain any harmful plasticizers that can dissolve in the heat and get into the body.

In combination with an insulating layer, stainless steel keeps the coffee warm.

In contrast, the manufacture of stainless steel produces large amounts of CO2. Therefore, coffee-to-go thermos cups should be used for as long as possible for an optimal ecological balance.

Pollutant-free stainless steel is also ideal as a material for reusable boxes to store snacks that you have prepared yourself. So you can do without packaging made of aluminum or cling film made of plastic.