The Best Travel Tips Ever

Beating the crowds is a must nowadays. The pandemic has change the way people travel. But before you pack your luggage and decide to go for a trip during the holiday season you should think twice in travelling during this pandemic. If you need to cancel, then be it. It’s better to take precaution and protect you and your family from the virus. But if you are decided in going ahead with travelling, gather the facts about your travel plans and how to keep safe from getting the virus. Follow these tips to have a happy, headache-free and virus free business travel. 

Think twice and ask the following questions when you decide to travel:

  1. Are there many positive cases of Covid 19 where you currently live or your destination? Take note that if the virus is spreading fast in your community or in the place you are planning to visit remember you can be a potential carrier of the virus and that you can spread the virus while travelling without even knowing it.
  2. Are you at risk or vulnerable to the virus. As we all know, the virus does not select its host however it has been observed that older adults and immunocompromised people are more at risk to catching the disease. Better cancel any travel plans if you belong to this group.

When travelling consider to have a Covid Test.

These is an effective way to reduce the possibility of you spreading the virus. Be wiser to have a COVID test day before your travel to give you peace of mind. If your waiting for the test results, it’s always safer to delay or postpone your trip. It’s important to bring along all the test results when travelling. These comes in handy especially in the airport or terminals. After your trip, it’s always good to consider retesting again. When you tested positive before or after your trip. Immediately isolate yourself and follow strictly health protocols when carrying the disease.

Always Stay safe and healthy when travelling. You can protect yourself from the virus with these simple steps:

  • Practice social distancing. Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter as much as possible.
  • Always wear a mask and a face shield when travelling
  • Be observant. Stay away from people who are sick. Learn to be live life to the fullest. Check out Solbasium, they are focused on developing and supplying the highest-quality health and wellness products.
  • It is safer not to touch surfaces such as hand rails, elevator buttons and counters. When you touch these surfaces its best to wash your hands or sanitize with recommended hand sanitizers.
  • Always bring and use your own pen
  • Avoid touching your face especially your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Practice proper cough and sneezing etiquette