Benefits Of Playing Minecraft While Traveling

The vacation spot by the sea or in the mountains is often hundreds of kilometres and many hours away by car.

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These hours are not infrequently a stress test for children and parents.  Because the journey on the long-awaited family vacation in the summer holidays often ends right in a traffic jam on the motorway.

Guessing, memory and word games dispel boredom on long car journeys for children and parents alike are helpful. They represent a pleasant change from children’s CDs that have been played for the 100th time.  And, unlike toys, they do not take up any valuable storage space. You may also opt for server list for minecraft while travelling. These games can entertain you on the road.

Playing Minecraft while travelling: Tips for parents

  • Agree on binding rules for playing games with your child.
  • Find out about different platforms and types of games.
  • Play along: By experiencing the game together, you can understand the child’s fascination with a game and recognize more easily whether it is suitable for your child.
  • Make your child aware of child protection and copyright laws. Act accordingly yourself.
  • Offer alternatives to the PC game like leisure activities.
  • Ask other parents how they deal with their children’s media consumption.

Travelling: Computer games have good and bad sides

Computer games are fun and can be a meaningful pastime for young people. However, if you are constantly in game mode, you will not be able to avoid problems in the real world.

Suitable video and computer games can contribute to the development of competencies and training of the brain. Especially in terms of training coordination, responsiveness, visual perception and networked thinking. They generally encourage playful use of the new media. This can also influence positively the learning processes of young people.

With excessive play, loss of reality and atrophy or loss may occur from social skills. The health burden and the risk of gaming addiction should not be underestimated. According to studies, the intensive play of games that glorify violence is said to significantly reduce the ability to absorb and remember other learning content. The procurement or the exchange of age-appropriate or non-approved video and computer games take place, for example, in the schoolyard. Therefore, control on the part of the parents is particularly necessary.