8 Free Mobile Games To Download For The Traveling Businessman

Fight your boredom during business travels. Here are game downloads (oyun indirme) that will make your journey less stressful. These are the best mobile games for busy people always on the go. Here we looked at various factors such as how long it stays fun, how addictive it is, and also how good the games are.

8 Free Mobile Games To Download For The Traveling Businessman

1. The Sims
Ranked first in the best mobile games on the go: The Sims. Who didn’t grow up with it? The classic life simulation game from EA is still very popular and now also available on the smartphone.

So if you want to make a virtual career in the football world again, you can now also do that on your phone! And with a cost of $0, The Sims is the ideal game to keep you busy while you’re on your way to your final destination.

2. Temple Run
In second place of best mobile games for on the go: Temple Run. Over the years, this game has earned the title of classic, because the amount of hours people have put into Temple Run is unprecedented.

Temple Run is also a bit like Subway Surfers, only it’s even simpler. Here you run from monkeys and have to jump over holes and dive under trees. In Subway Surfers you run away from a guard and avoiding trains is the top priority.

Years ago Temple Run was only available for people with an iPhone, but for a few years, Android users can also get started with the popular mobile game.

3. Subway Surfers
Avoiding trains, picking up coins, and a dexterity that is put to the test after a while. Welcome to Subway Surfers, the game that is still played by many people every day. In addition, it gets more fun the more you play it, as you get the points easier if you play Subway Surfers every day.

You have to be careful with this game. When you are in the car with your little brother to your destination, you will lose your phone for a few hours with this game. Kids love this game. But even if you are a bit older Subway Surfers still have an addictive effect on the brain.

4. Mr. Jump
For those looking for a challenge, Mr. Jump has come to the right place. Mr. Jump is one of the best mobile games on the go because the game guarantees competitiveness. Either way, you’ll get to the next level no matter how long you spend on it.

In Mr. Jump, you take control of a male. The idea is that you make it to the end unscathed and you do this by jumping. The longer you hold the screen, the longer the male will stay in the air. Sounds easy, but download the game and then judge!

5. Stranger Things: The Game
Fan of the Netflix Original Stranger Things? The Stranger Things: The Game is definitely one of the best mobile games on the go. All your favorite characters from the series pass by in this game and the app is also free to download.

The game looks like a Gameboy game and that ensures that the nostalgic Stranger Things brings out even more good childhood memories in you. There is also plenty to do in the mobile game, such as solving puzzles, fighting, collecting things, and so on.

6. Kingdom Hearts Union X
Many people have heard of Kingdom Hearts, the series of games that features characters from Disney and Final Fantasy is still very popular. The first game came out in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and first came to the phone in 2015.

And you can pick up Kingdom Hearts Union X for free and for nothing. In addition, you can also fight online with the different types of characters. All in all, Kingdom Hearts Union is a must-have for the fan, especially if he or she is on the road for a long time!

7. Smash Hit
If you want to hear a satisfying sound in your ear for x number of hours during your journey, you should download the game Smash Hit. In Smash Hit you have to destroy all the glass plates with a ball to get further and further.

The sound of glass breaking without having to clean up all the broken glass is fantastic. An addictive game and not only because of the sound. Smash Hit is also a lot of fun to play, even when you’re not on the road.

8. Candy Crush
People with a penchant for puzzles will love Candy Crush for a while. Moving hundreds of levels of candies and you’re not done with it. The game can have a very addictive effect and those who are addicted can not stop.

That is why Candy Crush is on the list of best mobile games on the go. Get addicted, don’t stop playing, and voila, you’re at the final destination! Now it’s just a matter of seeing if all those digital sweets don’t make you dizzy.