Value Of Step And Repeat Nyc Business Travels

It is not a new finding that business trips are associated with enormous costs and time expenditure. Tickets for train or plane, accommodation, meals, fuel costs for the company car – to name just a few expenses. In addition, the traveller is not in the company and cannot use his or her manpower on site. But why are business trips indispensable even in the 21st century? What are the advantages of step and repeat nyc business trips compared to an online meeting?

Effects of step and repeat nyc business trips

There is a direct connection between business trips abroad and the increase in the gross domestic product of the country visited. Of course, knowledge is passed on through books, computer files and algorithms. However, this cannot be compared with the human transport of knowledge and human experience that cannot be conveyed through dead material such as books or bytes.

Man is a social being. Without social contact, it withers, as earlier experiments show. Even countries that isolate themselves from other countries wither away. A traveller brings money into the country. Expenses for board and lodging in the destination country represent an important source of income for the country visited.

step and repeat nycStep and repeat nyc business trips vs. online meetings

A traveller brings not only money but also knowledge to the destination country. In addition to new ideas, experiences and practical help are brought in at a personal meeting. A developing country that first gets to know new technical or medical devices then uses them by importing them and finally manufactures them itself, increases its GDP.

It is not just goods that are transported from one place to another, from one country to another. An international traveller transports fewer products than his knowledge and experiences through the world.

If the traveller had not been there, the country would never have got to know these innovations, let alone used or produced them, due to a lack of technical know-how and a lack of technology. Online meetings support communication. However, this can never completely replace business travel.  Long-term and global studies can prove this.