Some Tips When Traveling With A Bowling Ball

If you love to play bowling, your bowling ball could be among the most treasured among your possessions. Therefore, it is but natural to bring it with you on your travels especially if on trips for a bowling tournament. But most of the time, the bowling ball is not among the best additions to your luggage because of its weight. So it would be nice to carry it with carry-on luggage, but still, it could be a difficult task.

Are there specific airline rules when traveling with bowling balls?

As you are just beginning to read this post, you might be asking – are there airplane rules when flying with heavy objects such as balling bowls? And what’s your assurance that your ball will get to your destination as you do with no issues?

There are no known rules that will not allow you to bring with you your bowling ball during your flight. TSA stated that any airline passenger can bring a bowling ball in carry-on bags. These balls are not categorized as bludgeons like baseball bats or golf clubs.

Although at some point in your travel, bringing bowling balls during your air travel is the discretion of the TSA agent, so you will have to check on this before you actually bring your ball. It is always nice to plan beforehand and inquire if it is actually possible for a specific airline.

Suppose you need to travel with many bowling balls?

There are instances that you would need to bring with you more than one bowling ball. For many professionals in the bowling, the industry is to ship the balls prior to travel and have them scheduled for the exact date of delivery.

There are services like bowling ball express that charges at reasonable rates.

How to pack your bowling ball?

When packing a bowling ball, it’s a good idea to wrap the ball with some towels and some clothes before adding it to your luggage. This helps the ball avoid rattling or moving around during travel. Or you can always use a bowling ball bag for travel.

Bowling ball bags for travel

There are a number of alternatives for actual bags through which to hold your bowling balls during travel. Your regular bowling bag is actually good enough or you can get a tote bag that can help hold the ball in place.

And if you still have doubts if traveling with your bowling ball, you can always join a community of bowlers from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. You will be surprised by so many tips and suggestions you can receive.