Important Travel Tips When Making Plans to Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

When making plans to visit Germany don’t forget to include Bavaria in your itinerary so you won’t miss the chance of beholding the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.
Formerly a kingdom before the state joined the German Empire in 1871, the castle draws as many as 6,000 tourist daily during the summer. This denotes that if you want to stay away from dense crowds, the best time to see the castle is during winter.

What Attracts Visitors to Schloss Neuschwanstein

The attraction of Neuschwanstein to the younger crowd of tourists is its likeness to the castle image featured in Disney’s modern introductory logo.

However, those who have knowledge of the castle’s history and of King Ludwig II, want to have a first-hand look of the fantasy castle that the Bavarian King wanted to stay in as a recluse. He wanted the palace to have all the modern trappings and amenities of that time, from running water in kitchens and bathrooms, to elevators and telephone lines.

However, during the castle’s construction, King Ludwig II’s reputation as ruler of the kingdom had become questionable as his obsession with the castle and reclusive nature earned him the reputation of being a “mad king.” In 1886, while only 15 of the 200 planned rooms were completed, Mad King Ludwig II died under mysterious circumstance but was later ruled as death by suicide.

His death also ended the construction of Neuschwanstein, which years later became a museum open for public viewing. The 15 completed rooms are a showcase of the king’s collection of paintings lined up against a backdrop of colorful and interior decorations.

Travelling in Germany When Enroute to Neuschwanstein Castle

The best place to start your journey toward Schloss Neuschwanstein is in Hohenschwangau or Fussen, in the district of Ostallgäu. These towns are quite charming on their own merits. where you will find yourself walking on cobblestone streets as you shop for village crafts or look for dining options in colorful buildings.

While Fussen is about 3.7 kilometres away from Neuschwanstein, coming from Hohenschwangau would make an extremely convenient base, as you wouldn’t need to take a bus to reach the grounds from where you can ride a bus or a horse carriage to carry you uphill to Neuschwanstein. Still, there are regular buses plying routes between Neuschwanstein and Fussen or Hohenschwangau.

Buying a Ticket to Become Part of a Group Tour is a Must

An important thing you should know beforehand is that you cannot enter the castle on your own as you nee to be part of guided tour to be able to enter the castle. Now to be included in one of the guided tours, you have to buy a ticket at the ticket centres.

While tickets can be bought right on the day of your visit, you can avoid the long lines by booking a tour online and then present your booking confirmation at the ticket centre on the day of your scheduled visit as part of a guided tour.

Other tourists who arrived at Neuschwanstein without booking a ticket, had to content themselves with the magnificent view outside the castle. Even if they wanted to purchase a ticket on the same day, there’s a throng of visitors lined up at the ticket centre, which could take hours before one gets his or her turn to buy a guided tour ticket.