How to Stay Productive on a Business Trip

While business travel can be fun, it can be hard to stay focused during the chaos. Here are some ways to get more done and feel less stressed.

Plan and Set Goals

Before you Leave

Travel time and jet lag should be taken into account when making a to-do list. Set priorities for your job and set aside time to do it. Share your plan with coworkers so that everyone knows what to expect.

Be Open to Change

Flight Time

Work hard during layovers and other free time. Before you need them, download papers and presentations to use when you’re not online.

Take advantage of your new surroundings: if your hotel has a co-working area, use it. A change of setting can help you think of new ideas.

Pay Attention and Stay Healthy

Pack Light

Don’t bring too much with you to keep your muscles from straining and to get the most done.

Put Sleep First

To avoid jet lag, slowly change your sleep plan before your trip. When you’re feeling good, you can concentrate better.


You can make the most of your work trip by planning ahead, setting priorities, and being open to change. Don’t forget to plan some free time to explore your destination and recharge. A mind that is refreshed is a mind that is ready to work.