The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Travel Expenses

Well, traveling outside the office is one good way to break the boredom in working. Obviously, business travel is actually fun and exciting. Yet, one challenging part of it is expensing things back to the company.

Reimbursing back the travel expenses and anything related to it is crucial on your part and on the part of the company.

To help you in the proper reimbursing of the business travel expenses, here are some of the do’s and don’ts that you’ll have to remember.

Do’s in Returning Back the Travel Expenses

  • Pay using a credit card. This will give your company a 30 days payment window.
  • Keep records of your receipts and all other payments made
  • Submit your expense report on time

Don’ts in Returning Back the Travel Expenses

  • Round up all your expenses during the trip. Remember that even a small amount may be charged to the company. It will be a ground for distrusting you once you get caught doing this.
  • Forget giving tips. Well, this is somehow acceptable by some companies for some good reasons. Just always remember to document it.
  • Take advantage of buying anything not worth it. For example, do not avail hotel upgrades or have a movie rental. Go back to your main purpose why you’re there. It’s all for the business and not for leisure anyway.