How to Store Cleaning Equipment for Easier Travel?

Moving your cleaning supplies and equipment around can be a major challenge. Whether you’re a professional cleaner who needs to tote supplies to and from job sites, or a homeowner just trying to clean up the house, you need to know how to store and transport your cleaning equipment. Professional cleaners have years of experience and know-how when it comes to packing up and moving efficiently.

Here are a few of their tips for storing cleaning equipment for easier travel. With these tips, you’ll be able to know how cleaning services keep their cleaning supplies organized, accessible and safe while they’re on the move.

Invest in Quality Carrying Cases

If you have a lot of smaller cleaning supplies, you might consider investing in a few good quality carrying cases. You can store these containers on a wall, and they can hold everything from sponges, scrubby pads and mop heads to bottles of cleaning solutions, scrub pads and toilet bowl cleaner. If you are hauling heavy items around, you might want to invest in a bag or case with wheels.

Label Your Containers

Once you’ve got your containers all cleaned out and ready to go, you need to label them. Doing so will help you keep track of what supplies are in each container. It will also make them easier to find when you’re looking for a specific item. You can label containers with a simple piece of masking tape and a pen. Alternatively, you can use a label maker to create custom labels.

Use a Lockable Storage Unit

If you’re hauling a lot of heavy equipment, like power washers and pressure washers, you might want to look into a lockable storage unit.

These units are typically installed in the back of a truck or the side of a van. They should come with a key and be made of a heavy, durable material like metal or fiberglass.

You can buy a storage unit new or used, and they typically come in different sizes and styles. You can also purchase a large storage container and install it in the back of your truck or van.